Get Noticed and Get More Customers with E-Newsletters

Get Noticed and Get More Customers with E-Newsletters

E-Newsletters (electronic/digital newsletters) are a good way to get noticed and regularly keep in touch with your customers or web site visitors.  You can use your e-newsletter to:

  • Announce sales or discounts
  • Post upcoming events
  • Announce updates to your web site or business offerings
  • List articles relevant to your business, organization, or industry
  • Feature products or services

Through this regular correspondence, you can potentially gain new and repeat customers as well as build an extensive e-mail list.

E-newsletters can also be a good way to generate targeted advertising dollars. If you have a large number of subscribers, this can be used as leverage to gain advertisers who want to reach or market to your audience.

There are a number of e-newsletter/e-marketing tools available at various prices and each of them offers pre-designed templates for use.  Using pre-design templates are a good way to get started, but customizing the e-newsletter with your brand or logo will make you stand out from the others using the same template.

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