Support Small Businesses During This Time of Social Distancing

Support Small Businesses During This Time of Social Distancing

We are experiencing a time that will go down in the history books. The spread of the coronavirus has caused the need for social distancing, mandated online learning, self-quarantine and entire city lock downs. While larger businesses and corporations are in the position to absorb the financial hit, small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations have to be creative to in order stay open and re-invent the way they do business.

Listed below are some of our clients at Sirius Web Solutions that we want to bring your attention to. If you are able to, please support these businesses and organizations in any way you can (i.e. become a customer, share this list with others, make a donation, etc).

Authors & Books

Blogs & News

Body & Hair Products

Clothing, Fashion & Jewelry

Business Opportunities & Executive Coaching

Education & Tutoring


Food and Beverage

Health & Wellness

Legal Services

Marketing & Promotion Agencies

Motivational Speaking & Inspiration

Museums, Historic & Cultural Preservation


Non-Profit Organizations

 Religion and Spirituality

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