Family – Business Balance Tips

Family – Business Balance Tips

When starting or maintaining a business, a support system is fundamental.  This support system can come in the form of other business colleagues, friends, and especially family.  In life our families are our first support system, whether they are related by blood or adopted/community family.  This support system serves as a foundation upon which you can stand in times of triumph and challenges.  In the business world you can expect more or less of both.  Their support can be displayed emotionally, financially, through their physical involvement in the business, respecting the space and time you need to focus on your business, referring people to your business, etc.  Just as each family structure varies, so can the type of support you can receive and this support is essential in creating a good family-business balance.  Those who have all of these aspects in place are in a good position, but this is not everyone’s reality.  For those who have to build this support system and create a sense of balance from the ground up, patience and diligence is necessary.

Here are a few tips on how to begin this process:

  • Clearly State Your Mission and Goals for the Business
  • Create a Schedule for Business Tasks
  • Set Aside Clearly Defined Times for Family/Leisure Time and Business
  • Have a Separation of Work Space and Living Space (This is especially important for those that have home based businesses.)
  • Inform or Include Family in Important Decisions or News

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